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Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation catchment area.
Our Mission

To advance the community improvement and neighborhood revitalization agenda for the greater Coppin Heights and Rosemont areas and serve as a catalyst for suitable and affordable housing for low to moderate income residents.

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A unifying force and consistent voice for communities, faith-based institutions, and small businesses.

Since 1995, the CHCDC has worked directly with neighborhood organizations and residents of West Baltimore to promote affordable housing and economic development in a historically underinvested area of the city. Originally founded as a unit of Coppin State University, Coppin Heights CDC has been an independent entity since 2014.

CHCDC relies largely on volunteer staff and a firm coalition of local stakeholders to deliver transformative results with two major redevelopment projects: the Walbrook Mill mixed-use apartment complex at 2636 West North Avenue, and the Center for Health Care and Healthy Living, also known as the Hebrew Orphans Asylum, at 2700 Rayner Avenue.

The Coppin Heights CDC has produced substantive benefits for the local community through hard work and collaboration, winning more than $250,000 in Baltimore Neighborhood Investment (BRNI) grants from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for distribution to area homeowners for neighborhood improvement projects.

Our focus has exclusively been, and continues to be, development projects in Baltimore City. Throughout its existence, the Coppin Heights CDC has acted as a unifying force and consistent voice for communities, faith-based institutions, and small businesses during times of changing political leadership and shifting investment priorities.


Revitalizing Our Community.

CHCDC is ensuring that local residents have a seat at the table in its development projects and that those projects provide long-term, direct benefits.


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Projects Completed


Professional Partners


Secured Grant Funding

CHCDC Committees

The Clergy Caucus is composed of the faith based organizations and institutions affiliated with the Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation. The Clergy Caucus has been appointed by The Board of Trustees, to act as an advisory body to the organization and to provide spiritual guidance and discernment in all of its endeavors. The members of the Clergy Caucus are comprised of the Pastors of the faith based institutions (or their designee) and meet on a schedule to be determined by them.

The Clergy Caucus provides programs and events on behalf of the organization and also engage in resource delivery and uplift to the organizations various neighborhoods. Various leaders from the Clergy Caucus are elected to serve on the organizations Board of Trustees.

For further information, please contact Bishop William E Gaines - Convener of the Clergy Caucus

View CHCDC Clergy Member Directory 



Dr. Gary Rodwell

Chief Executive Officer

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Crystal Parker

Office Manager


Pastor Meldon Dickens

Executive Director

Board of Trustees

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Dr. John Bullock


Layer 1_edited.png

Cheryl Gross

Education Committee, Chair

Layer 1_edited.png

Stanley Cruse

Steering Committee Co-Chair

Layer 1_edited.png

Bishop William Gaines

Vice President

Layer 1_edited.png

Margaret Powell

Newsletter, Chair

Layer 1_edited.png

Theotis Freeman


Layer 1_edited.png

Johns Hopkins


Layer 1_edited.png

Donald Covington

Development Committee, Chair

Layer 1_edited.png

Dr. Wanda McCoy

Education Committee, Chair

Layer 1_edited.png

Glenn Smith

Steering Committee Co-Chair

Awards & Recognition


ULI Baltimore, Wavemaker Award

ABC Baltimore, Award of Excellence
Baltimore Business Journal, Best of Real Estate Perseverance Award


Preservation MD, Phoenix Award
Baltimore Heritage, Adaptive Reuse Award and Compatible Design
Baltimore Heritage, Award of Special Recognition

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