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The greater Coppin Heights community is a dynamic neighborhood undergoing positive change.

With your help, we can continue to make our neighborhood a welcoming part of Baltimore City and a beacon of hope.


Together, the changes we make today will benefit both those who call our community home and future residents looking for a safe, comfortable place to grow.


2022 CHCDC Board Member Retreat

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CHCDC Community Involvement

Learn how you can help make a difference that will last a lifetime!

Clergy Caucus

CHCDC’s Clergy Caucus engages leaders of faith-based institutions in West Baltimore as partners in supporting and promoting economic development, employment growth, and public safety in our local communities. Churches and other faith-based organizations are encouraged to become members of the CHCDC.

For further details, please contact 

Rev. Meldon Dickens 

Steering Committee

CHCDC’s Steering Committee is the voice of our organization. Comprised of over 100 members from community associations, churches, local residents and businesses, all functioning lead committees evolve from this group to ensure fair and inclusive community representation and voice. All forward-moving recommendations and suggestions are provided and agreed upon collectively in the committee’s monthly review meeting.

For further details, please contact 

Min. Glenn Smith

Development Team

CHCDC’s Development Team sponsors large-scale development projects to equitably address the challenges of our community such as health care, employment, etc. The Team engages directly with contractors to hire local residents and expand opportunities for Minority Owned and small business enterprises to participate in these significant projects.


For further details, please contact 

Mr. Donald Covington

Neighborhood Team

CHCDC’s Neighborhood Development Team works directly with area residents and with neighborhood and community associations to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods through initiatives such as grants for facade improvements for businesses and creation of urban gardens and green spaces on vacant land.

For further details, please contact

Margret Powell, or Viola Church

"The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul."

Proverbs 13:19

Coppin Heights CDC strives produce powerful and effective advocacy for affordable housing, equitable economic development, and transformative community improvements in Baltimore.

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